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life expectancy of major appliances

Average Life Expectancy Of Household Appliances


Many people question whether it’s worth repairing the appliance and what is the life expectancy of their unit. Most old-generation appliances use mostly mechanical systems and have much fewer electronic parts.

Usually, the more the electronics / features unit has, the more chances that something might go wrong. The tendency shows that all appliances assembled before 2016 last on average 3-7 years more than new generation appliances.

How can you tell how old your appliance is?

In order to determine its age, it’s best to find the sticker with the model’s serial number on your device. Please refer to the guide where to find your sticker.

Usually, the year a specific unit was manufactured is located on the sticker or encoded into the serial number. The first set or last of numbers on the stickers indicates the year it was manufactured. For example, in “SUC150955FILF”, the 15 stands for 2015.

You can also search up the model of the unit and see what year they were generally released.

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