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    Best commercial fridge repair services

    Appliance Repair Expert offers quality refrigerator repair services for hotels, restaurants, bars, and other businesses. Our certified technicians repair all types of commercial refrigerators and will arrive at the appointment in due time shortly after your call.

    Do not put off the repair until it is too late, as this will decrease your profits and make further repair expenses significantly bigger. With Appliance Repair Expert you are saving both your time and money because we provide the best service prices in the neighborhood, as well as discounts and special offers, which are available on our website. Contact us now!

    Types Of Commercial Refrigerators We Fix

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    Cool store commercial refrigerator

    Cool store, otherwise called cool room commercial refrigerators, are essential when talking about big volumes of products that need to be preserved. Restaurants, pet shops, flower shops, and hotels need large storage rooms where they can keep all the products cold. Some major cool store fridge problems can cause a real disaster by spoiling all the food and other objects that need to be stored in lower temperatures. The most common problems are connected with the thermostat, the door not closing properly, leaks, vapour barrier missing. Appliance Repair Expert is sure to deal with any of those issues in a snap to make your business work non-stop.

    Reach in cooler

    A reach-in cooler is an essential part of any commercial kitchen if you want your products to be easily accessible and minimize the preparation time. If your reach-in cooler has troubles with maintaining a proper temperature, has a malfunctioning fan, leaves a lot of condensation on the products, etc., it is a clear sign that you should call Appliance Repair Expert. Our highly-qualified technicians will repair any breakage and ensure the long-lasting functioning of your commercial appliance.

    Commercial wine cooler

    A wrong temperature in a malfunctioning wine cooler can ruin your wine and prevent it from correct ageing, leaving your customers unsatisfied and your budget wasted. The majority of breakages come from improper maintenance and overloading. If you happen to not clean your wine cooler regularly or put more bottles in there, than it is allowed in the instruction, it may cause some serious damage which can only be addressed by a certified professional. Appliance Repair Expert is always ready to take on the repair of your commercial wine cooler, whatever the issue is.

    Display fridge

    If you want to keep the food at your grocery store looking attractive to customers, a properly functioning display fridge is a must-have. A fail in its functioning, especially when neglected, can put off customers and potentially cost you more than you would have expected. Appliance Repair Expert will arrive on time to fix anything that might not operate correctly and replace the fridge or its separate parts if needed. Do not hesitate to contact us at once if you notice that the food in the fridge is not cool enough, wet, or expires quicker than it should. By repairing all the issues timely, we will ensure the development of your business.

    Commercial undercounter fridge

    Undercounter fridges can be called a small version of a reach-in fridge and may have the same problems as the latter. Our licensed mechanics will fix anything from a simple leak to a malfunctioning thermostat quickly and for a reasonable price. Contact Appliance Repair Expert today!

    Pizza and sandwich tables

    This type of cooling equipment is highly convenient if pizza, sandwiches, and other meals combining many ingredients are the base of your restaurant’s menu. When you need from 5 to 20 different components to create one meal within several minutes, it is inappropriate to store them all in a standard fridge opening the main door every 5 seconds. That’s why pizza and sandwich tables have separated areas for storing different ingredients – right near the working zone where the meal is prepared. All within the hand’s reach. But this coin has its reverse side – construction complexity. You may notice that cooling in ingredient storage is uneven or the appliance has stopped cooling at all. Our specialists have solved plenty of such problems and are eager to help you too!

    Refrigerated display case

    As you may have guessed, a refrigerated display is a mini version of a display fridge. Upon noticing any excessive condensation, unreasonably high or low storage temperature, or any other problem, do not delay the repair and call Appliance Repair Expert immediately. We use solely modern equipment and will fix the device according to all the necessary instructions depending on the brand of the fridge.

    Besides all the refrigerator types listed above, Appliance Repair Expert is also proficient in hotel ice machine repair, bar cooler repair, and many more. To find out whether your commercial refrigerator model can be repaired with our service, ask our call operators, who will answer any of your questions professionally.

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    Why choose our commercial fridge mechanic?

    Appliance Repair Expert is the perfect commercial fridge troubleshooting service (f.e. walk-in cooler repair) for you. We have created policies that we obey no matter what to meet the needs of our customers.

    • All of our commercial refrigeration technicians have more than 10 years of experience in repairing domestic and commercial appliances;
    • Our call operators are professionally trained and knowledgeable in all the subjects related to appliance repair;
    • We provide a full warranty that covers all of our services independently of their price and difficulty;
    • We always keep our prices in the middle range.

    Contact Appliance Repair Expert today to get a quality repair!
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    Common Commercial Refrigerator Issues

    • Fridge is not cooling
    • Refrigerator is too cold
    • Refrigerator does not defrost
    • Fridge light not working
    • Fridge not defrosting
    • Condensation on fridge door
    • Fridge ice maker not working
    • Fridge runs constantly
    • Fridge compressor is-hot
    • Ice maker doesn’t dispense
    • Fridge not cold enough
    • Fridge defrost drain problems
    • Freezer indicator light is out
    • Ice maker doesn’t make ice
    • Refrigerator is noisy or loud

    Commercial Fridge Brands We Deal With

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    Advantages of Our Restaurant Refrigeration Repair

    If your refrigerator has started acting up and bothers you, interrupting your comfortable life, it’s high time to call for help. Our licensed appliance repairmen are just a few blocks away and ready to come to the rescue.
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      Same-day repairs

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      We service all makes and models

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      Licensed, trained techs with years of experience

    • commercial refrigeration service and repair

      Complete warranty for jobs and parts

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      Most repair jobs are conducted in one go

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      Affordable pricing to fit any wallet

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