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What to Do If My Dryer Is Not Heating Up

One day you may face issues with your dryer not heating up, or you will notice that it does but not as good as before, so you have to run a couple of cycles to dry your clothes. This can get very frustrating, but don’t worry – there is always a solution to a problem. Read more here.

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how to fix my dryer not heating

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    Simple steps that would help you if your dryer is not producing heat

    Here’s what you need to check before calling a technician:

    1. Sometimes, a dryer can spin without producing any heat. Usually, dryers use a double breaker in a fuse box, and 1 breaker out of 2 can be tripped, which would cause the unit not to have enough power to activate the heating element. Turn the breaker off and then back on, don’t be afraid to apply pressure if it’s stuck.

    2. Ensure the dryer is plugged in fully. Make sure the power cord is fully plugged into the power outlet.

    3. Check if your dryer filters are clean. The lint trap needs to stay clean at the beginning of each cycle. If the lint trap is obstructed, the unit will overheat and trigger protections, turning the heating element off much earlier than it should. Be careful, sometimes the lint trap looks clean, but it’s clogged with microscopic dust and may not have a good airflow (it mostly happens to the European brand’s units).

    4. Make sure the door stays fully shut. If the dryer can’t create proper airflow because of the open door, it will affect the efficiency of clothes drying.

    5. If it is a gas dryer, make sure there is gas flows into the system. Usually, there is a handle switch on a gas valve where the gas pipe connects to the unit. Make sure it’s fully open.

    dryer not producing heat

    If none of the fixes above work

    The issue could be related to one of the internal components failure or deeper clogs in the air ventilating system that will require the unit to be disassembled or house duct cleaning.

    Parts of the unit that could be related to dryer not heating:

    • Heating element – usually burns out, doesn’t have a connection anymore.
    • Thermal fuse sometimes overheats and melts inside.
    • Thermostat/timer/mainboard – the faulty part will not conduct power to the heating element.
    • Blower fan – the fan impeller is usually made out of plastic and could break.
    • Clogged vents – clogged vents will cause the unit to overheat and make a dryer not producing heat.

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