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Why Is My Dryer Not Spinning?

It’s very frustrating when you just did a load of laundry and tried to dry your clothes, but your dryer does not start spinning. This is one of the most common problems with dryers, but it is not the reason to panic. In this article, you will learn how to determine what part of the dryer is broken and how to fix it fast.

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why is my dryer not spinning

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    What should you check first if your dryer does not spin

    Fuse box. Make sure the dryer fuse is fully activated and has not tripped since this can be one of the reasons why your dryer does not spin. Sometimes a power surge can cause a breaker to flip. Please turn off your breaker entirely and then turn it back on. Test your dryer. If the issue persists, then the problem with something else.

    Belt. Your drive belt was probably ripped if you hear your dryer making a humming noise, but the drum is spinning. Sometimes belts wear out over time. Rarely your motor axil could break off as well. Open the top of the dryer, and if you do not see the belt, it is ripped and lies at the bottom of the unit.

    Internal fuse. Is your clothes dryer not spinning? To protect the motor, most manufacturers put a fuse inside the engine to protect against any power instabilities. The motor fuse is usually located behind the external front panel of the dryer close to the motor. It looks like a white stick connecting the wires. Make sure this fuse passes a continuity test.

    dryer not spinning with heavy load

    Motor. The engine can get locked out from overheating or burn out entirely in some models. If your motor runs for a couple of minutes and then shuts off, most likely, it’s an overheating issue. Unfortunately, if the motor protection fuse described above is in order, you may need a new motor.

    Door switch. Make sure your door switch activates when the door is shut. Because if the door is open, it will not start the motor for safety reasons. You can test the button by pressing it with your finger and listening to the click. If your switch does not click, there is a good chance that it’s faulty and broken inside.

    Mainboard. Mainboard has power relays built-in, and sometimes those relays may get stuck and not activate. Unplug the unit and tap on black boxes on your mainboard with a screwdriver. Please do not overdo it. Slight vibration created by your taps will peel the relay from inside and might activate the power supply to the motor when testing the unit.

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    why does my dryer not spin

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