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Why Is My Dryer Squeaking?

All homeowners face a dryer making a squeaking noise at least once in a unit’s lifetime. This noise indicates wear on the lubrication of the support wheel axles or engine wear. Due to high temperatures inside the unit, any lubrication begins to wear out after some time, and annoying noise cannot be escaped. What to do in this kind of situation? Don’t worry; there is a solution!

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why is my dryer squeaking

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    Simple steps that would help you if your clothes dryer is squeaking

    A dryer is an essential appliance in our day-to-day life. But after a couple of years of usage, the dryer may begin making a squeaking noise. Here are some things that you can do yourself to solve the problem:

    Lubricate the dryer

    The easiest but sometimes not a very long-lasting solution. The unit’s front panel must be removed, so all support wheels and motors are exposed. You can use a simple lubricant like WD-40, but it might cause a foul smell for a few days and may not last long.

    The best solution would be a bright red long-lasting lubricant designed for dryers. You can search it up on the internet. Make sure to lubricate the motor axial and all support wheels and bearings.

    Replace the soft pad

    Your clothes dryer is squeaking? Some old-generation dryers are designed to set drums on top of the front external wall of the dryer. It isn’t located on metal; it is placed on pads made of plastic and soft materials. Over the years, this material has worn off and needs to be replaced.

    why is my dryer making a loud squeaking noise

    Check the dryer belt

    Over time, the drive belt wears out and creates lousy contact between the drum and the engine. Like in the car world, a worn-off belt may cause a squeaking sound. Open the top cover of the dryer and make sure the belt is in good shape.

    Test the support wheels and dearing

    If the dryer was constantly overloaded or is just old, the wheel and bearing might be worn off. The support wheel usually has ample rubber padding around them. Make sure the rubber is not damaged and in a perfectly round shape.

    Any impurities will destabilize the drum during spinning and make knocking sounds. If the wheels are in good condition, make sure the main bearing that holds the whole drum is good.

    Sometimes it can be other deformations or out-of-ordinary cases where inspection by a professional is a must. Still, one of the factors described above makes your dryer work much louder than usual.

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    my dryer is making a loud squeaking noise

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