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What to Do If My Dryer Won’t Start?

A dryer is a fantastic device in the household. It can do the job fast and leave you with fresh, dry, and warm clothes. But what happens if you turn on the dryer and it won’t start? This kind of repair may seem expensive because it can include the machine’s “brain” to be replaced, but is the control panel at fault? In this article, you will find out if it’s easy to fix it or not.

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    Easiest actions to take for a dryer that doesn’t start

    Power failure. Make sure to check your breaker and ensure that your power outlet and dryer plug are in order. Suppose the dryer does not have a power flow. In that case, it simply won’t turn on, or it will turn on but won’t start because usually it’s using a double breaker and one of the breakers could be half ripped. Turn off and on the breaker and see if it starts working.

    Stuck drum. When we dry our clothes, we don’t empty our pockets most of the time. What may have happened is that a coin or some other garbage got stuck between the drum and the dryer wall. Make sure the drum can turn quickly by putting your hand inside the dryer and spinning it around.

    Restarting the unit. Like any computer, the program may crash and not respond to your commands. Unplug the unit for at least 10 minutes, plug it back in, and see if it starts working again.

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    If easy fixes didn’t help you, here are more profound types of inspection

    Door switch. All dryers have a safety door switch that will not let dryers start or even turn off if they are not activated. The switch is located behind the door and activated by a closed door. Make sure that button moves freely and makes a click sound when pressed in. If it doesn’t, remove the switch and check it for continuity to ensure it functions properly.

    Belt. You most likely have a ripped belt if you hear a motor humming when you start the cycle, but the machine is not starting. Remove the unit’s top cover by unscrewing back screws and sliding the hardtop off. Pull the belt and see if it’s sitting tight. It might be ripped or have fallen on the bottom of the unit.

    Mainboard. If your mainboard is faulty, it will not send power to the motor to start. Most of the mainboards have relays built into the circuit. What can happen is that relays might have fused inside and do not activate properly. Boards are usually located on the top of the unit and are easily accessible. Take screwdrivers and gently tap the black boxes on the mainboard, starting the unit. If your unit doesn’t start, the mainboard might need a replacement.

    Control board. Make sure that the control board is receiving power. You can check that using a multimeter. Usually, only 1 set of wires provides power to the part; their color is primarily black.

    Fuses. Many internal fuses protect the motor, heating element, mainboard, and other components. They serve as protection against power surges, meaning that if the fuse is burned out, it will break the chain. Check all fuses for continuity and make sure they are in order.

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