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    It’s not uncommon for kitchen appliances to malfunction. You can’t get away from it since it’s a part of contemporary life. Monthly appliances purchases may be out of reach for some people. Even so, the ordinary Canadian can have their repair done, thanks to companies like ours that provide appliance repair service.

    Long-term problems with any of your home’s appliances may be very frustrating and can cause harm to other things you have in the house.

    If you’re in need of same-day appliance repair in Etobicoke, give us a call now! We’re always near your area if you need us. We can help you with any of your household issues!

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    Best Appliance Repair Services in Etobicoke

    Laundry & Kitchen Appliance Repair Near You

    refrigerator repair etobicoke
    Refrigerator repair
    washing machine repair etobicoke
    Washing machine repair
    dishwasher repair etobicoke
    Dishwasher repair
    dryer repair etobicoke
    Dryer repair
    oven repair etobicoke
    Oven repair
    stove repair etobicoke
    Cooktop / stove repair
    freezer repair etobicoke
    Freezer repair
    range hood repair etobicoke
    Range hood repair
    microwave repair etobicoke
    Microwave repair
    gas appliance repair etobicoke
    Gas appliance repair
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      blomberg appliance repair etobicoke
      kenwood appliance repair etobicoke
      moffat appliance repair etobicoke
      miele appliance repair etobicoke
      samsung appliance repair etobicoke
      panasonic appliance repair etobicoke
      fisher and paykel appliance repair etobicoke
      frigidaire appliance repair etobicoke
      asko appliance repair etobicoke
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      Advantages of our service in Etobicoke

      Our qualifications and skills help us emerge the winner in struggles with home appliance emergencies. If you have one – contact us now and ensure we’re the best in the business.
      • same day appliance repair etobicoke

        Same-day repairs

      • best appliance repair etobicoke

        We service all makes and models

      • certified appliance repair etobicoke

        Licensed, trained techs with years of experience

      • appliance repair companies etobicoke

        Complete warranty for jobs and parts

      • etobicoke home appliance repair

        Most repair jobs are conducted in one go

      • appliance repair experts etobicoke

        Affordable pricing to fit any wallet

      etobicoke appliance repair services

      What People Are Saying About Our Appliance Repair Company in Etobicoke

      Great service!

      I really like the services with the Appliance Repair Expert. My company requests their visits two times per year to check how our gas appliances function. We are scared of gas leaks, so prevention is the best thing to do. Their technicians are always careful and do their best to ensure we are safe. Thanks for your help. We will recommend them to everyone for sure.

      Microwave repair.

      I can’t believe they fixed my microwave after it had been dreadly damaged during the move! As a result, I was unable to come up with the money for the new appliance. Appliance Repair Expert, you’ve been a lifesaver. As a result of your intervention, I was spared some additional charges.

      Oven Repair.

      For the las month, I’ve been doing an experience to see whether my cooking abilities are hopeless or my oven is to blame. When I gave up I decided to call Appliance Repair Expert, their tech discovered that the problem stemmed from the thermostat. Everything was OK again. Thanks.

      Freezers Repair.

      Our restaurant freezers needed repair, but we had no idea who to call. The Appliance Repair Expert was suggested by colleagues. The problem was solved, and we agreed to work together anytime we need assistance with our appliances. Worth every penny!

      Refrigerator repair.

      Since my old refrigerator made a lot of sound, I understood that the maintenance was inevitable. Their tech did his job really well and fast. Thank you.

      Justin Carlson

      The Frigidaire oven stopped heating. I knew what to do in such cases and immediately contacted Appliance repair expert. Their specialist came very quickly with all the necessary materials. He was very polite to me, and we had a pleasant conversation. I would definitely recommend this service!

      Linda Miller

      Thank you for repairing the Heartland microwave display. Everything was fast and inexpensive. The specialist came the same day and had the repair done within an hour. Everything is great. Thanks, Appliance Repair Expert!

      Annette Blanks

      I advise everyone! I put off doing laundry for the weekend, but my Kenwood washing machine broke. It wouldn’t work with the top load. Luckily, I had my appliance repair expert card. Without getting my hopes up, I decided to call, and they agreed to help me. The specialist came after calling and fixed everything. Thank you so much.

      Denise Manning

      I definitely recommend Appliance Repair Expert to everyone. They are always helpful and have never let me down. My Electrolux dryer would not start. But the specialist was very quick to figure it out and fix it. Thank you!

      Robert Baker

      John, the technician from Appliance Repair Expert, was kind and knowledgeable. He improved the washing machine’s longevity. His advice on how to use the household appliances was also priceless and timely


      All stages of our appliance repair in Etobicoke

      24 hour appliance repair etobicoke
      appliance repair service etobicoke

      Fill out the form or call operator

      Leave a request for the repair of appliances.

      fast appliance repair etobicoke

      The master arrives

      The master inspects the breakdown of the appliance and makes an estimate for the repair work.

      quality appliance repair etobicoke

      The master carries out the repair of appliance

      The master fixes the breakdown and, if necessary, replaces the spare part.

      appliance repair experts etobicoke

      The appliance works like new

      The client is satisfied, because we also give a guarantee for repairs.

      Book an appointment with our technician in Etobicoke

      We’ve made our pricing policy affordable for anyone by making service calls free with repairs and removing all the extra charges from your estimate. You pay only for the jobs done. And done well.

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