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f25 error code whirlpool washer

How To Fix The F25 Error Code On The Whirlpool Washer?


If F25 error code is detected, the Whirlpool washer will not function, and the wash cycle will be terminated at any point. If the code occurs during the high-speed spinning of the drum, the hatch opens 3 minutes after stopping. In this article, we will tell you about the main causes of this error and explain how to fix it.

Why does F25 error code appear on your Whirlpool washing machine?

This is one of the most common Whirlpool washing machine error codes, which indicates an issue with the drive motor’s tachometer. It claims that the electrical system is unable to identify the rotation speed accurately and, as a result, the washer`s function is halted. Furthermore, there might be a fault with the signal disappearing between the mainboard and the engine control unit.

What can you do on your own?

The tachometer is a universal sensor that calculates the frequency of rotation in various sorts of equipment. The system will come to a full halt if the tachometer fails. You need to perform several actions to make the F25 error disappear.

Disconnect the device for 5-10 minutes. Connect it to the power source again. As a consequence, the washer will reboot, and the F25 will be reset.

Examine the connections’ contacts. Straighten them out if they’re twisted, bent, or out of the groove, then firmly insert them into the socket. This should be done on both ends of the wire jumpers.

What else might be needed?

Only people from the support center have the professional ability to comprehend the problem. However, if you are confident in your skills, you may attempt to remove F25 error code from your Whirlpool washer.

Because additional components and parts are seldom implicated in this issue, the engine speed sensor should get all the attention. This is why:

  1. Remove the washing machine’s top cover;
  2. Remove the front panel by removing the screws;
  3. Examine the component for any damage.

A tachometer is sometimes mounted in the same unit as the engine. As a result, you’ll have to remove virtually the whole washing machine to get to the tachometer and examine it. It’s worth thinking about whether you’ll be able to handle such work. If you haven’t detected anything physically, but the F25 error still states the tachometer is broken, replace it.

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f25 error code whirlpool washer

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