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Why Is My Front Load Washer Not Spinning?

Smart homeowners are always looking for quick solutions prior to calling any repairman or serviceman out to their house. The washer plays a big role in our day-to-day life, and when it breaks down, it can be frustrating. In this article, you will learn a couple of easy tips if your front load washing machine is not spinning.

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front load washing machine not spinning

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    Common reasons your front load washer does not spin

    Front-loading machines are a great design solution. They are more reliable and quieter than top loaders. The design allows the load to stay balanced during the cycle of washing and uses gravity in its favour to produce much more efficient results. One day you may notice that your front load washer does not spin or makes noise while doing it. Here are quick tips to determine what’s wrong:

    Front loader washing machine drum not spinning

    It’s effortless to test if your drum bearing has failed. Most of the time the drum secures on a metal connector called spider arm connection that connects the drum to the bearing. Sometimes due to the overloaded machine, the spider arm that connects breaks or the bearing might crack. When it happens, your front load washing machine won’t spin.

    It is very easy to test. Just put your hand inside of the washer and spin it. If there is resistance or the drum does not rotate at all, most likely, one of the two components broke. Those types of repairs can get very expensive, depending on the brand of the unit.

    front loader washing machine drum not spinning

    Clogged drain system – one of the reasons for breakage

    The front load washing machine will not start spinning if the water is not fully drained out of the system. The rule of the thumb is that you should not see any water in the drum at all before it starts its spinning cycle. The water fails to drain due to clogs and a seized up drain pump. The first step is to make sure the drain pump filter is clean. Most front-loading machines have an access service window in front of the device which any user can open and clean the drain pump.

    Failed water intake valve

    Sometimes, the washing machine seems to be working and taking in water well but suddenly it may stop. The reason why your machine could have stopped working is that it’s waiting for a specific valve to open. The valve assemblies may consist of 3- 15 different valves that work with different temperatures, and if one fails, the unit will not start spinning, waiting for that valve to open to fill up with the rest of the water.

    If none of those quick tips helped you, the issue could be more complicated. The problem could be related to other components: Main Board, Door lock, Water inlet valve, Water level switch, Motor, Tachometer, etc. It’s best to have professionals check the unit.

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    front load washing machine does not spin

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