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Why Does My Oven / Stove Smell Like Gas?

Most homeowners who use a gas appliance will experience a gas leak during its service life. What should you do if your oven smells like gas? Several steps must be performed to determine the leak spot. Check the control knob; if it’s broken, it may cause a gas leak, or you can run a water & soap test. To find out more, read our article!

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why does my oven smell like gas

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    Should a gas oven smell like gas?

    Gas appliances are an excellent investment in any house. They have fewer electric components and mostly use mechanical gas valves. Therefore, their parts last much longer than in an electronic appliance. The only disadvantage of this type of system is that gas can be dangerous.

    Natural gas is odorless, and luckily humanity solved this problem by adding a chemical to the compound to make it have a particularly strong odour so that anyone can detect a gas leak.

    What should you do to determine why the stove smells like gas?

    If you smell the gas, follow these several steps to determine the cause:

    Control switch-off position

    All gas switches have a secure safety locking on the turning knobs. When the knob is in the off position, it should fall into a lock pin and not be involved unless the knob is pushed in first. If the knob does not fall into a safe position, the control switch is likely faulty, which is the reason your stove smells like gas.

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    Control knob

    Most knobs are made of plastic and placed directly on the axis of the metal control knob. Make sure the knob is placed firmly on the control axis and the plastic of the knob is not cracked inside. If it’s cracked, you won’t be able to control the control knob since it has no grip. Pull the knob out to inspect it from the inside for any cracks.

    Water and soap test

    What if the gas oven smells like gas and the steps you followed above didn’t work out? You can try running a test to see which connecting gas tubes or components are leaking. Remove the burners and the cooktop panel to expose the lines entirely. Take a spray bottle, fill it up with water and add soap to it. Mix it well and spray on all visible connections. If the gas leaks through any connections, you will see soapy water bubbling up at the leak spot. Many technicians use the same trick to locate the issue.

    Other inner components

    Other components are more hidden and need a specific approach and set of tools. At this point, it’s highly recommended to call a licensed professional to do the work. Keep your family safe; if you have detected a gas leak, call for help immediately.

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