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induction cooktop pros and cons

Is It Worth Buying An Induction Cooktop?


You probably have heard of induction cooktops and thought, “why pay more for some fancy thing that doesn’t matter”? Maybe you are right, but induction cooktops are like TESLA in the kitchen appliance world.

What are the benefits of an induction cooktop?

  1. It has impressive resale value. Therefore you can sell it for not less than 60-70% of its original value.
  2. Induction cooktops can instantly heat pans and pots without heating the cooktop’s surface, so all your fingers and pets are safe.
  3. More efficient than any other electric stove.

What are the disadvantages of this household appliance?

  1. Sometimes, the price bites, but that shouldn’t be a big issue with a good resale value.
  2. If you bought a lower-end induction cooktop, always get extended warranty coverage because induction stoves have at least 4-8 control board circuits. When something goes wrong, more than 1 circuit breaks down due to electric current and needs to be replaced. The average cost of repair varies from 700 – 1500 $.
  3. It would be best if you had unique pots and pans made of a particular metal that can conduct with cooktops, they are not very expensive, but it’s the only option because basic pots/pans won’t work.

Generally speaking, every time we service induction units, people never think of returning to a primary electrical unit even if the repair is quite expensive. And the customer is never wrong.

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