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How To Remove Mold From A Washer Gasket?

You have gotten a washer that you were looking at for hours or even days, and it’s finally in your home. It works excellent, brand new and shiny, but after a while you notice mold on the rubber gasket in your washing machine. This can get very frustrating, but don’t worry – there is always a solution to a problem. Read more here.

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    So what is the mold?

    Most people do not realize the big issue with the mold that can escalate pretty quickly. Mold is enemy number one in most households. The biggest problem with mold is that it’s a living organism that grows and spreads extremely. For example, if your sink was leaking under your floor less than a week ago, you could be in trouble for thousands of dollars in damage because mold begins growing through the frame of your house.

    The only solution here is to either cut infected pieces of wood off or replace them entirely. It is tough to fight the mold once it begins growing. But if left ignored, it can destroy the material it has been infected with. The structure of wood becomes weaker, and rubber gets holes over time.

    How to prevent mold from growing in your washing machine?

    Washing machines have a rubber gasket that seals the space between the unit’s body and the drum assembly. It is one of the essential parts of the unit, engineered to keep water in the system. Rubber is one of the materials that can be easily affected by mold. Mold loves humidity, so the washing machine provides the perfect condition for that.

    Every time the washing machine finishes its cycle and you remove your clothes from the drum, do not keep the door closed. Ensure the machine’s door is wide open, so the leftover water on the rubber seal or inside the drum has air ventilation to evaporate naturally.

    If you close the door, it will create even better conditions for the bacteria to grow on your rubber seal and destroy it over time. Do not forget to keep the door open when the machine is not used since it can prevent mold from growing on the gasket.

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    What to do if mold is already growing on the washer gasket?

    If the mold is already deep inside your gasket, it might be too late, but there is still a chance to stop it from spreading with the powerful chemicals. Chemicals such as bleach will be your friend against mold. Grab a pair of gloves and start working on the gasket, and do not be afraid to apply pressure while washing the gasket. Make sure you reach all accessible spots, including its foldable sides. It is also good to clean it with bleach once a month as a preventative measure.

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