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Why Does My Oven Make Noise?

An oven is a great tool to make amazing dishes as well as to heat food in a much healthier way than a microwave does. Most of these appliances have a conventional heating option. Still, almost all of them have moving parts that can be the cause of an oven making noise. In this article, we will discuss the elements that could be at fault for this kind of issue.

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    Main reasons the oven makes noise when heating up

    Every modern household has at least one oven. This type of appliance is usually used at least 3-5 times a week. And it’s very annoying when the oven makes clicking or high-pitched noises. Here are the сommon reasons what could go wrong:

    Conventional fan impeller

    One of the most common causes for loud noise is a worn-off conventional fan. The fan is usually located in the back of the unit. It is covered with a special metal plate and creates a proper airflow channel, and works as a protection layer for the fan impeller. The fan impeller of the conventional fan is made out of metal and covered with rust protection paint.

    Unfortunately, sometimes the fan impeller starts to rust over time. The metal oxidizes and becomes uneven; therefore, when the fan runs at high speed, it loses balance and causes noise.

    Conventional fan assembly

    The fan motor is located behind the oven chamber in the back of the unit. In order to access it, the oven needs to be moved out, and the panel in the back has to be removed. Over time the motor goes through high temperatures, and eventually, the lubrication or bearing wears off and becomes uneven. This will cause the fan to become very noisy, and in some cases, the motor will fail and not start up again. You may try to lubricate the axil with grease resistant to high temperatures. Still, it is suggested to replace it immediately.

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    Oven hinges

    If your oven is making squeaking noises, you should check the hinges. The hinges are exposed to high temperatures as are most other oven components. The lubricant inside of springs and moving parts of a hinge dries out and becomes inefficient. If the hinge is in good condition, use a lubricant. The metal noise will be gone until the next lubrication procedure is required.

    Cooling mainboard fan

    Some models have a design where the second fan is mainly responsible for cooling down the mainboard circuit above the heating chamber. Due to the position of the mainboard, it gets very hot, and the mainboard without proper cooling will go out of order very quickly. The cooling fan maintains the appropriate temperature and works every time the oven is on. The fan might need replacement at the point when it starts making noise.

    Other parts

    Lock assembly or other inner parts, depending on the oven model, could be causing excessive noise. To determine which component is at fault, it is best to disassemble the unit and go through different cycles partially. You will have better access and visual perception, which will help accurately spot the faulty component.

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    If you need to repair the oven, it is necessary to call an oven repairman who can fix it in a qualified manner. They will carry out professional diagnostics and repair the device at a convenient time for you.

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