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Why Is My Oven Not Reaching The Set Temperature?

The oven brings comfort to our homes by providing an ability to cook tasty and fresh meals for the whole family. This might be quickly ruined if your oven stops reaching the temperature you are setting it to. It’s very frustrating when you put in your chicken or pizza, but it comes out half-cooked. In this article, you will learn how to check and fix the oven yourself.

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    What should you check if the oven does not reach the temperature?

    Most of the oven functions can be tested without any tools or special knowledge. Turn on each oven function separately and see if heating processes have started. Most ovens have 3 main heating components: broil, bake, and convection fan heating. Turn each option on separately and let it run for 5-10 minutes. If one of the options is not producing heat, the heating element is most likely damaged and needs to be replaced.

    Broil element is burned out

    The broil element is always located on the oven compartment’s top and is usually exposed. Set the broil function to the highest setting possible and see if the component gets hot. The element should turn red when it reaches its maximum temperature. You can also inspect the element visually and look for any damages or melted parts. The heating tube should be smooth and without any bumps.

    Bake element is broken

    The bake element is located on the bottom of the heating compartment and can be exposed or hidden. Usually, ovens have hidden bake elements. You can’t visually inspect them, but you can turn on the bake option and see if the metal at the bottom of the oven compartment is heating up. Shortly after turning on the bake function, the bottom surface should become very hot. If not, the element is most likely damaged.

    oven does not reach temperature

    Damaged convection element

    This type of heating element is always hidden behind the back cover of the oven. Sometimes manufacturers make it easy to access it without special tools so that panels can be removed. Often, the element seems to be smooth and not damaged, but when convectional heating is turned on, it doesn’t heat up. In this case, check the integrity of the convection element.

    Thermostat not working

    The thermostat is a shiny metal stick that usually sticks out of the wall inside the oven. It may vary in size but does the same temperature tracking function. If the part is faulty, it will not let the unit reach the set temperature.

    Remove the thermostat from its housing and measure its resistance in Ohms at room temperature. All brands of thermostats have different reading standards. We suggest consulting with experts to get the correct readings.

    Mainboard / other parts

    Most of the new-generation ovens rely on electronics more than mechanical components. Your mainboard could be damaged and not transmit power to the heating elements. Sometimes, other internal components such as fuses and relays could be broken.

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