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Why Is My Fridge Leaking Water?

One of the most frustrating things is to see a big water puddle by your fridge or even step in it by accident. So why does it happen at all? You will learn one of the main reasons your fridge is leaking and how to fix it yourself.

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    The most common reasons your refrigerator is leaking

    Most homeowners ignore a leaky fridge and try to wipe up the water and never think about it again. Unfortunately, the water puddle will come back in most cases and will keep bothering you no matter how many times you clean it. Here are the main reasons what could go wrong:

    Refrigerator drain line is clogged

    The way every fridge system works is that it goes through defrosting every 24-48 hours. It melts all the ice build-ups on the condenser coils. The defrost process is very important because if the fridge doesn’t melt the ice build-up, it might close air circulation, cause cooling issues, and be the reason why your refrigerator is leaking water.

    When ice is melted, water leaves through the drain system outside the cooling compartment into a condensation water catch tray, where water naturally evaporates. As a result, water condensation leaks on your floor.

    why is my fridge leaking

    Broken catch tray

    The condensation water catch tray described above is usually made of plastic and may be cracked. It can happen to any type and brand of fridge. Usually, those trays are located on the bottom or at the back of the refrigerator close to the compressor.

    Water inlet valve leakage

    If you do not have an ice maker option in your fridge, skip this advice. Hard water can cause leaks in your waterline connections. It’s effortless to check. Just follow the water line that goes into your fridge and inspect the water valve. If there are watermarks on it, replace it immediately.

    Open door issue

    When your fridge is leaking it is quite a severe thing. Always close the fridge door tight. Every door has a rubber gasket and a magnet that is built into it. The gasket creates perfect contact between the door and the body of the fridge. If any minor holes are visible, it could cause air to slip into the fridge, turning into ice, which can melt and leak onto your floor.

    If none of the provided causes above didn’t fix your issue, an expert diagnostic is advised.

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