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What To Do When Your Fridge Smells?

Once in a while, we face an issue with a smelly fridge. Many people had made a service call appointment just for this particular reason. Here we are dealing with a refrigerator that was not appropriately maintained. In this article, we’ll describe steps on how to get rid of foul smells in your fridge.

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    How to clean my refrigerator that smells bad?

    The first thing to do is to remove all the outdated products that are not supposed to be there. Sometimes an expired tomato or egg is the reason why the refrigerator smells bad. If you removed everything that may stink, but it didn’t help to get rid of the small, move to the next step.

    The second step, remove all products from the fridge and clean all shelves. It sounds easy, but many people do not do proper cleaning but fast. Remember that all shelves, crisper boxes, and containers are removable from the fridge. Some Samsung fridges have glass shelves that can be fully disassembled, including separating glass from its plastic case.

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    Why does my fridge still smell after cleaning?

    All fridges have a drain system for water condensation (from the fridge coils); the condensate leaves the unit and evaporates in the catch tray. Sometimes food particles can fall into the drain line. They may rot and emit an unpleasant odour if they are stuck there too long. It usually happens when your drain system is exposed.

    Take some wire and straighten it out, then push through the drain hole, trying to clear the inside. You can also pour hot water into the drain hole, but don’t overfill it.

    There is another remedy that can help you remove the smell from your fridge. Namely, Zeolite is made out of a mineral; being an excellent absorbent, it captures foul odor. The effect lasts for some time.

    If your refrigerator is still emitting an unpleasant odour after all these tips, you should call in a technician. To prepare your unit for the service, open back plastic/metal panels. They are usually secured with screws and covered with an evaporator/condensate fan panel. Ensure that the drain and coils are clean. Do the same after removing the whole compressor panel.

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