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How To Get Rid Of Smell In My Washing Machine

As service technicians who have serviced over 10 000 units in years of working, we know the most common problems the users may encounter. Every time we repair washing machines, we are repeatedly asked: “How to fix a smelly washing machine?”. In this article, we will give you some tips!

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how to get rid of smell in washing machine

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    Why does my washing machine smell bad?

    One of the significant issues with washing machines is that they start to smell bad because of improper care of the unit. Any system needs maintenance no matter how well it was designed.

    The washing machine washes dirty clothes and washes out all dirt, dust, etc. Here arises the question, where does all that dirt go? It goes through a drain system. This drain system is mainly powered by a drain pump that pushes all the dirty water out of the system. Your washing machine drains at least 4-7 times during regular cycles and refills fresh water to wash your clothes.

    Best way to clean a smelly washer

    All washing machines are made with the same technologies, including the drain system. Most drain pumps have a filter basket that protects the drain pump from alien objects such as coins, shirt pins, lint etc. All of them can break down the drain pump.

    Clean the drain pump filter of all objects. You can find the drain pump filter usually exposed on the bottom of the smelly washer. It’s called a service window door; a small flap door reveals a drain pump filter cap that unscrews like a regular bottle cap.

    Remove the filter and clean it. Then install it back; if not, it might leak. If you possess a lower-end washing machine, it’s better to call a service technician.

    why does my washing machine smell

    What to do if the washing machine still smells after cleaning?

    Examine the big rubber seal between the drum and the external wall of the body washer. Open the washing machine door and inspect visually for mold and any other foreign objects.

    If your seal is moldy or just starting to get mold, use bleach to clean off the mold. If it doesn’t come out, you need a new rubber gasket. Mold is like cancer, and if it starts growing, it is tough to stop. The only solution is to replace that part entirely.

    To remove smells from your washer, make sure you are using the right products. Most manufacturers will take advantage of you by selling you organic chemicals that don’t work well and cause your unit to break much faster than it should. Don’t be afraid to test products out.

    We recommend trying out German products in your local stores such as PERSIL. You will notice the drastic difference in the maintenance of your washing machine parts (heating elements, soap dispenser, water valve assemblies, Bearings, Spider arms), and the quality of the wash will drastically increase.

    You can also purchase cleaning tablets; they will clean the entire system. As an alternative, you can run the empty unit with hot water to get rid of the smell. Do not use vinegar. It can bind with other chemicals in your system and cause sensor failure or, even worse, smell.

    In 95 % of cases, you don’t need to call a technician for this kind of issue. It can be resolved even if you do not have any technical skills or knowledge.

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    how to get rid of smell from washer

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