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Why Is My Washer Not Filling Up With Water?

The washing machine plays a significant role in our lives, and it might get very frustrating if your unit stops filling up with water. In this article, you will learn if you require a part replacement or just a quick fix that you can do yourself.

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    Common reasons the washing machine does not fill with water

    You might think that it is a highly complex problem, but this is one of the most common issues with washing machines and luckily can be fixed. Here are quick tips to determine what’s wrong:

    The water supply is turned off

    Believe it or not, we have resolved many requests where people would complain about their washer not filling up with hot or cold water. In some of those cases, water wouldn’t enter the unit simply because someone in the house closed the water supply valve.

    The issue can be quickly resolved by simply turning the switcher on. Ensure the water supply is turned on and the machine is supplied with cold and hot water.

    Clogged water supply hoses

    Sometimes the calcium and other debris can clog up your connections to the unit and would cause water to fill up slowly or incompletely. Remove the cold and hot water hoses from the machine and make sure everything is clean.

    Usually, inside the valve where hoses are connected, a metal filter mesh can be removed by pliers and cleaned. Make sure all areas are clean before proceeding to the next step.

    washing machine not filling up with water

    Water inlet valve is broken

    Your water inlet valve might have failed or become clogged up with calcium or age. That’s why your washing machine does not fill with water. Remove the top cover of the unit and inspect the valves. Turn the machine for different temperature cycles—cold, warm, hot.

    If you have more than 3 valves, make sure to activate every single of them. Place your finger carefully on each valve. If the valve is buzzing and making vibrations, but no water is coming in, most likely, it’s faulty.

    Faulty water level sensor

    The water level sensor is responsible for how much water fills up inside the drum. It works solely on air pressure. It’s a cylinder-looking plastic piece that usually hangs on the sidewall of the unit. There is a tiny black tube running to the sensor. Blow into the tube with your mouth, make sure it’s not clogged, and do the same with the sensor.

    You should hear the click coming from inside of the inspected part. If you have to apply air pressure to listen to the click, the sensor is faulty. Replace it.

    Problem with drain system

    The system will not fill up with the water unless the used water is gone. Open the door and look inside. Do you see any water inside? The unit will not continue the cycle unless the previous cycle is complete. Make sure the device can drain the water completely.

    Other washing machine parts

    The mainboard or your door lock may be in poor condition. You might have different parts at fault if you have an advanced unit. Call Appliance Repair Expert to get an exact diagnosis.

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