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How To Clean A Washer Soap Dispenser?

Most households depend on the washing machine. You open the soap dispenser, load the soap, turn on the button, and magic happens. What if one day you do the same steps but your clothes come out not as clean as before? The soap from the previous load is left untouched. In this article, you will learn how to clean a soap dispenser in your washing machine.

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how to clean soap dispenser in washing machine

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    Why does the washer dispenser not use the soap?

    A soap dispenser assembly works with water all the time. It combines water with all types of products you preload before the cycle, mixes it, and injects it into your drum. There are many reasons the washing machine soap dispenser does not use soap.

    One of them is hard water. Have you ever looked at the bottom of your kettle? If you pay attention after some time of use, you will see a lot of white build-up on the bottom of it. This white byproduct is called calcium and causes most of the breakdowns in modern appliances.

    This situation may worsen when calcium starts mixing with your fabric softener or soap turning into a black moludy paste over time that will clog anything it can stick to.

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    How to prevent the problem?

    Unfortunately, there are not many measures you can take to prevent this kind of issue from happening inside your machine, but there is one major device that helps you a lot. A water softener system will protect all of your plumbing and appliances from hard water. It is installed on your main water line and protects your whole house. So the issue with hard water will be resolved, and it will make your machine much cleaner from the inside as well.

    how to unclog soap dispenser in washing machine

    Best way to clean washing machine soap dispenser

    Open the soap dispenser and pull it out. It has a little plastic stopper on the top or the bottom. Once the soap drawer is removed, clean it precisely.

    Now the most important thing is to clean the inside of the washer soap dispenser as well. If you look inside the opening and look up, you will see many little sprinklers that spray water and mix your products with water in the drawer part. Make sure each of the sprinklers is cleaned because there is a very high chance they are clogged.

    Do not wet the parts of your dispenser or put the pressure to get rid of a clog. You may use a sharp L-shape screwdriver or other similar-looking objects to get to those holes and clean them.

    If nothing else helped

    If you have performed a thorough cleaning but still experience issues then try to open the soap dispenser fully. This process will require disassembly of the unit from the top and removing the soap dispenser. You will need a bunch of tools and experience to perform the task well without any possible leaks in the future. At this point, we recommend getting an experienced expert to perform that kind of maintenance for you.

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    how to unclog soap dispenser in washing machine

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