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What To Do If Your Washer Is Leaking?

Washing machines became an essential part of our lives and saved us a lot of time. But one day you see that the washing machine is leaking. Maybe it’s time to upgrade it or buy a new device? Do not rush with your decisions and evaluate the situation first. In this article, you will learn how to do pre-inspection and determine if it will be cheaper to repair or what else you can do.

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    Washing machine is leaking water from the drain hose

    Sometimes the problem may be a ripped drain hose. The drain hose is located in the back of the machine and is usually gray. Over years of usage, the hose might wear out, thus causing some holes to appear. As a result, water will leak every time the unit drains. Run a drain and spin cycle with a small amount of water inside the device and check that the hose is not damaged.

    Broken water supply hose – one of the main causes of a leaking washer

    Water supply hoses deliver hot and cold water in the back of the unit and often wear out right at the connection between the unit and the hose. The rubber O-ring inside the hose wears out with time and does not seal the connection well. Thus the clothes washer is leaking.

    Take a fresh pepper towel and wipe around the connection in the back of the unit from both ends of the hose. If the paper towel becomes even a bit wet, you need new water supply hoses.

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    Problem with the rubber gasket

    The gasket between the drum assembly and the external wall of the unit might have tiny holes formed over time of usage—water leaks inside of your unit and onto the floor. Take a flashlight to scrutinize the rubber seal for damages. This is another reason for the leaking washing machine.

    Washing machine leaks from the soap dispenser

    You can determine leaks from the soap dispenser by removing it. As soon as the drawer is removed, you can indicate leaks by leftover watermarks.

    If none of those quick tips did not help you, most likely, you are dealing with a leak from one of the inner components of the unit. It’s best to disassemble the unit and test it. It would be best to always rely on a professional specialist to do the internal repairs.

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