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Why Does My Washer Shake So Much?

A washer is an excellent solution for day-to-day tasks such as keeping clothes clean. Unfortunately, some users might run into the issue of a washing machine being noisy. What should you do if the washer shakes and moves? This article will discuss how to determine what part of the machine could be at fault.

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washing machine shakes violently during spin cycle

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    Common reasons why a washing machine shakes during spin cycle

    One day you may notice that your washing machine shakes during spin cycle. If such a problem occurs, it must be solved urgently. Otherwise, in addition to the annoying hum and noise, your apartment may be flooded. So here are the main causes what can be wrong:

    Shock-absorbers are broken

    Front-loading machine drums are usually situated on 3-4 leg shock absorbers. The drum is heavy and goes through very high RPMs at the spin part of the cycle. So suspension compensates for all the movement.

    In some units, the front side of the unit needs to be removed to access the shock absorber’s legs. Apply pressure on the drum and see how the suspension expands and inflates. If one of the legs does not move or is broken, replace all absorbers in your unit. Make sure all legs are secured and do not move around under pressure.

    why does my washing machine shake violently

    Damaged suspension springs

    Sometimes damaged suspension springs is the reason why your washer shakes like crazy. If you have a front-loading washing machine, the drum is held by two heavy-duty springs located above the drum. Those springs hold the drum and are attached to the unit frame.

    Remove the machine cover to inspect the springs. If they are worn out or damaged, replace them. It is good to measure each spring size with a measuring tape. Dimensions of the springs may vary.

    Failed drum assembly bearing

    If the drum is not spinning evenly, it causes a unit imbalance and loud banging noise. Stick your hand into the washing machine and spin the drum. If the drum does not spin freely or there is resistance, there might be an issue with bearing.

    Ensure that the shiny chrome part of the drum turns evenly compared to the rubber gasket around it when the drum is spinning if the inner drum has a different clearance between the gasket and itself, when being turned means that the bearing or spider arm connection might be worn out.

    Problem with level and leveling legs

    Make sure that the unit stands on the ground evenly, and when pushed, it does not move. Try to shake your washing machine, and if it does, that means one of the leveling legs underneath is damaged. Inspect the legs underneath the machine and make sure they are in good condition.

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    why does my washing machine shake like crazy

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