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The importance of the HVAC system in the COVID-Era


Today the world is a little scared: the COVID-19 is spreading at a tremendous speed in different parts of the world. But there is also good news: your HVAC systems may hinder its spread.

It has been established that up to 75% of human health depends on air quality. The air surrounding us at work and home directly affects our well-being, mood and, ultimately, health.

Fortunately, nowadays, we have improved HVAC systems that can create a healthy climate in our houses. Modern AC systems and humidifiers help maintain a comfortable temperature in the room and purify the air, remove dust, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses.

Dry and dirty air cause poor health

It is known that the risk of contracting an infection is especially big in closed rooms, where there are several people in an enclosed space. Thus, AC systems with air purification function can save people inside from infection.

If a regular conventional air conditioner is installed in the room, air masses circulate in an enclosed space. Also, during operation, the unit removes water from the airflow. According to statistics, on average, 10 to 12 litres of moisture is lost from the conditioned air per day. All this worsens the sanitary and hygienic characteristics of the air and reduces the level of comfort. Air with a relative humidity of up to 30% is considered dry, and without humidification during the heating season, it is usually even lower. The optimum humidity indicator is 40-60%, and it is this level that it is advisable to maintain indoors throughout the winter season. The presence of the humidification function in your AC system changes the situation.

Remember, dry air provides an ideal environment for viruses to spread. A sick person constantly emits viral particles. If constant ventilation is not used, then the concentration of viruses in the room will constantly increase, which increases the risk of infection. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is one of the most dangerous diseases that smokers suffer from. But in addition to smoking, the daily toxic air filled with diesel and exhaust fumes can also cause lung pollution. The body’s response to toxins will be inflammation, which can lead to pneumonia. What can we do about it?

The HVAC system is the solution

To ensure a constant exchange of air in the room and reduce the risk of morbidity, you should install an AC system with a humidification function or buy a humidifier. Fortunately, modern ventilation systems can provide coolness and prevent viruses and bacteria from getting inside the room.

In modern ventilation systems, the air is cleaned by built-in replaceable filters, and if you change them in time, the equipment will produce clean air. It is no exception that the air conditioner can also spread bacteria, but this can only happen if you do not clean the filters in time.

Today, the complete set of modern units includes complex solutions designed for general air purification and highly specialized purposes. Different AC system models are equipped with varying means of filtration. Some simply trap dust, dirt, pet hair, while others destroy odours, bacteria and even viruses. For high-quality air purification from bacteria, there are the following filters:

Synthetic and polymer filters (biofilters) – these filters are impregnated with antibacterial and antimicrobial substances. Wasabi and catechin filters are especially famous today. Wasabi filter is an electrostatic filter treated with substances extracted from the Japanese horseradish “wasabi.” It allows you to clean the air from bacteria. The catechin filter neutralizes viruses that have fallen on it, and in 6 hours, 98% of viruses become harmless to humans. The coating of this filter is catechin, obtained from tea leaves and some other plants.

Ultraviolet filters reliably purify the air from more than 85% of germs and bacteria contained in it using ultraviolet rays. This filter is no danger for a person.

Nano filters (photocatalytic or zeolite). Photocatalytic filters are common in many modern air conditioners, they also absorb odours, but they do not require replacement, unlike conventional carbon filters. If such a filter becomes clogged, it is enough to put it in the sun for several hours, and it will again restore its filtering capacity by 95%.

Electrostatic filters trap the smallest dust particles through an electrostatic field created by a weak electrical voltage applied to the filter itself. These filters are often coated with silver ions, which cleans the air of bacteria and viruses.

Plasma filters create a voltage of 4800 V. They can destroy microbes, viruses, plant pollen, fungi. This filter is based on a plasma ionizer and a photocatalytic filter necessary to attract larger dust particles.

Enzyme filter. Enzymes act at the cellular level, allowing them to cleanse the air of bacteria, microscopic fungi, viruses, etc. These substances’ action is to destroy the cell walls of microorganisms, which leads to their death.

When choosing a split system for an apartment or office, be sure to pay attention to whether the AC system has filters, whether there is an additional air filtration system in the equipment you are purchasing. If yes, this unit will help keep the air in your home fresh and clean, protecting you from inhaling dust and bacteria. An AC system with the function of purifying and humidifying maintains a comfortable temperature in the room and takes care of your health and well-being. An automatic increase in the relative humidity to standard parameters, combined with high-quality cleaning, guarantees the air’s freshness and safety.

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